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Why Should You Become an Affiliate Seller:

    Proven Track Record ~
      The Powerseller eBook Business has been sold profitably on multiple platforms: Google Adwords, eBay and now its available on Clickbank!

    Excellent Coversion Rate ~
      With no affiliates, I made a few hundred dollars a day selling the Powerseller ebook Business.

    Potentially $100's a Day in Sales ~
      I have hardly tapped the markets available, so I believe many sellers can make hundreds a day selling our Powerseller eBook Business through email, website advertising, blogs, search engine marketing, etc.

    Multiple Ways To Sell ~
      I offer TWO affiliate programs. One through Clickbank and one for selling on ebay.

    High 72% Payout ~
      I am offering a 72% payout for the Clickbank Version.

    eBay Affiliate Version ~
      For the ebay affilate version, you simply order the ebook business and then you can resell on ebay the affiliate version for 100% profit! We give you all the tools.

    Why Such High Payouts? ~
      I make money through subscribers, who sign up for my members pro area on my website. A percentage sign up, and this is where I intend on making lots of profit! To give you an idea, I have hundreds of subscribers already and I am looking only for a couple thousand.

    Something the Competition Doesn't Have ~
      I have encorporated a techinique into my product and ad, which makes it undatable. This means, it could stay a hot item for much much longer than just about any "informational product" selling on Clickbank. Its a techinique I developed to make good profit with my products for years, rather than months.

    And the Neccessities ~
      SaleDaddy.com runs on a Dedicated Server that is advertising friendly with fast page loads. I also have three domain names:

    1. www.saledaddy.com
    2. www.titanicimports.com
    3. www.ebooksalespro.com

    If you need a any assistance, write me at optasia_mail@yahoo.com. I have been marketing online full time for 5 years (no job) and creating website content for about 10 years, so I can help you with any question you might have.

How To Join:

It's As Easy As 1-2-3!

  1. Signup with Clickbank
  2. Get Ad Copy, Links and More
  3. Start Making Money!

    Step 1: Sign up with Clickbank

    • To join our affiliate program, you have to first sign-up with ClickBank. Clickbank.com handles everything (billing, tracking, and you being paid by check). It is totally FREE and takes about a minute to join.
    • Sign up for a FREE Clickbank affiliate account and give them your name and address so they can send you checks by mail. Click here (Clickbank Sign up page will appear).
    • Clickbank will give you a username ("nickname") and a password. 
    • You can log into your Clickbank account at any time to see your stats and track how much money you have made.

      Click Here To Open Your ClickBank Account!

    When you have a Clickbank account, please return to this page and you can choose from the various marketing tools I provide below to help you bring in more sales.

    Put this code on your web site to promote our product from your web site and so Clickbank can track your sales.

    Your link should follow this format:


    Here it is in html:
    <a href="http://AFFILIATE.SALEDADDY.hop.clickbank.net"
    target=_top>CLICK HERE</a>

    Here's how to make it work:

    • Replace AFFILIATE with the affiliate nickname (replace the red text with your clickbank user name or nickname)
    • Replace CLICK HERE with any promotional text or image you prefer.

    If you need assistance, write me at optasia_mail@yahoo.com.

    Step 2: Get Ad Copy, Links and More.

    Below you will find several ways to promote our eBook Business.

    1. Place a text link on your web page and link to your affiliate link. Text links have proven to work better than banners.

    2. Put your link in a pop under. This will pop under the web site when viewers arrive at your web site. They will see this page as soon as they close your webpage. Click here to get your pop under code.

    3. Put your link in a pop up. This will pop up when viewers arrive at your website. Click here to get your pop up code.

    4. Put your link in an exit popup. This will pop up when viewers leave (close) your web site. Click here to get the exit popup code.

    5. Place a banner on your web page and link to your affiliate link.

    6. Place articles on your web page to drive traffic to your site. Articles work very well for promoting affiliate programs. We have articles available you can use on your web site or your newsletter with your affiliate link to saledaddy.com. Click here to see the articles.

    7. Email Marketing. Email the link to your mailing list.  Spam is not allowed.

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