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The Powerseller Freedom Package

Want to make full time
income selling online?

  • Your Own Unique Business With Step By Step Assistance

    • I thought about this for a long period of time and decided I would pass my complete electronic business AND all my secret sources, strategies to a new generation of online sellers.
    • The good news is, not only do I give you my complete ebook and dropship business, I also give you step by step help to setup and maximize your customized business.
    • I am selling you my entire automated business online, nothing held back, with lifetime updates & a subscription to my coaching assistance (which can be canceled at anytime)! I decided that I should pass on my successful electronic business to help others acheive a steady profit stream to live off of.
    • New Update - I have now made contracts with companies who produce many of the most popular ebooks and digital products online and have included them in this ebook business! See the fourth section below (middle of page).
    • For the last eight years, I have been selling on the internet full time with no job. Last year, I grossed around $230,000 in sales and a large percentage of it was profit!
    • You might be wondering, "What is this automated business?" It is business where you sell electronic books and materials, which customers can open and read. The great part about eBooks is that you can deliver them through email meaning there is no capital or money required to sell these products!
    • I can guarantee you, my automated ebook and dropship business in conjunction with my coaching, will bring you to a level of $8,000 a month or more , if you bring to the table willingness to follow my instruction.
    • This is the Powerseller Freedom Package of my coaching, strategies, and digital business.  So, if you are looking to do it right the first time and get more than your money's worth, this is the plan for you!!
    • You will find I am the only person on eBay offering this service. This is a very unique service, which, amazingly, no one else is willing or capable of providing. So, if you truly are searching for a way to succeed on eBay, you have come to the right place!
    • Have Questions? - Call me at PH: 260-486-7345 or email me at

    Powerseller Selling My eBook eBay Business
    Powerseller Plus
    Powerseller Freedom
    Powerseller Complete
    SaleDaddy Plus Access
    SaleDaddy Pro Access
    Website/Ebay Coaching
    Adsense & More Help
    Phone Consultation
    High Volume Selling
    Full Setup Coaching

      SaleDaddy Plus Access: A selling strategies & ebook business members area that is 2/4 the size of the Sale Daddy Pro members area.
      Website/Ebay Coaching: Includes 3 months of coaching, where I guide you step by step to setup automated products on ebay and your website. This is to create a solid sales/revenue base for you to start from and to build on.
      Adsense & Craigslist Help: Includes 3 months of coaching help, where I guide you step by step how to create adsense websites correctly and how to list up to 100 listings a day on craigslist.
      Full Setup Coaching: Includes 1 year of coaching via email/phone covering basic/advanced top selling techiniques & sources for product, complete implementation and more.
      High Volume Selling: How to smoothly transition from a one-man-show to a large online company with company building and employees.

  • Why You Should Buy From Me

    • I give you a complete automated ebook & dropship business, which you could potentially set up in a day or two's time! I have been working with online sales since 1998, whether its ebooks, name brand product, software, or something else. This includes: entire massive ebook, software and dropship inventory (thousands of products), a complete tutorial, access to my website, ongoing step by step coaching and support and a money back guarantee! This automated digital and dropship business is a self sufficient business that will make you money 24/7 with minimal work on your part, as most of it is easily automated!
    • Click Here for 98% Positive Feedback Profile.
    • I have structured my business so that there is no reason not to sell you this business package. I am here to help you make your online business truly successful. So, you are buying my automated digital business and support with the end goal of making you into a successful online retailer or eBay seller. I make money when you make sales of certain dropship items, so my business is your business.
    • The fact is, I am really here to help you make money online. So, I am also offering in this package my personal experience in the form of email business help as a bonus to the automated digital business. The more time you spend selling on your website and eBay, the more you will learn. The more I help you, the less you have to learn on your own. Just with my various base products, I have made about $500 a day in sales, seven days a week with nominal work on my part and have had days where I have made almost $2000 all in one day total. So, paying $29.95 for this online business is really a very small price. I have thought up ideas in a few hours time that have made me $50+ every day and some of these ideas have lasted me years, continuing to pay off. I can teach you how to come up with such ideas.

  • Some Feedback Comments About This eBook & Dropship Business

      Positive feedback rating GREAT PROGRAM, STILL ABSORBING MATERIAL Buyer: Sep-05-08 19:58

      Positive feedback rating Wonderful to do business with you! Already making money!!! Buyer: Aug-14-08 19:29

      Positive feedback rating LOVED IT, IT WAS EVERYTHING YOU SAID IT WAS AND MORE Buyer: May-17-08 16:57

      Positive feedback rating Best Trainer and Training Course On The Internet, Huge Info Site. 10 out of 10!! Buyer: Dec-09-07 18:38

      Positive feedback rating GREAT PRODUCT SUPER HELPFUL THANK YOU THANK YOU Buyer: Feb-09-08 17:08

  • Are The Most Popular and Newer Ebooks Included?

    • NOTICE THE IMAGE BELOW: On a weekly basis, I am making contracts with companies who produce some of the top ebook and digital products on the internet, for you to resell. Below, you will see three of the top Clickbank ebook products sold (notice ranking order and gravity of items in picture). Each one of them, I have made a contract with, so you will be able to resell them (using Paypal, instead of Clickbank). They are included in this package, along with many top selling ebook products. I am actually planning on having atleast 100 of the top 200 ebooks and digital products sold online in my Ebook Digital Business here by the end of the year. You will have access to sell them all either on ebay or your own website! Not one of my competitors have such high caliber ebooks or digital products in their packages!

  • What You Are Buying In This Auction

    The Powerseller Freedom Package
    1. AUTOMATED EBOOK BUSINESS: An automated business, which will make you money 24/7 completely on its own. It is virtually all automated, so you don't even have to email the books. Even questions are answered by automated emails! Almost no intervention on your part, while you sit back and reap the profit. This includes: entire massive ebook inventory, a complete tutorial, access to my website, lifetime updates and support!  Also, if you try my business out and decide it is not for you, there is a 30 day money back guarantee!
    2. COMPLETE EBAY DROPSHIP BUSINESS: A complete and automatable dropship business, which includes the very products I sold on ebay for several years. I made about a quarter million in sales a year on ebay, these items were a very large part of that success.. Now, you can sell the same items, for the same prices, with all the ad materials that I used. Ads that were tailor made for ebay and have built in success, so you do not need to mess with pricing, ad copy, etc. Simply put the items up at the times I indicate, in the manner I indicate and automate it using the system I tell you to use and you will be making money at very good profit levels. Often, half the money you get to keep, so this is a very rewarding and profitable system!
    3. MY PERSONAL HELP AND COACHING: I will personally coach you, step by step, in setup and maximization of your website and ebay business. Yes, while coaching you, I will show you exactly what steps you need to take and will help you all along the way. You can ask me any question and I will help you directly to customize your business and maximize your online sales! Further, I will show you how to make your profit solid and sales consistant.
    4. MY KILLER BUY-TO-SELL TECHNIQUES : I will show you how to buy product on eBay for 1/2 to 1/10 of what you can turn around and sell it for! Believe it or not, I personally use these techniques for almost half the product I sell. At first glance, it seems like it would be very difficult to do something like this, but with my strategies, you will see that I have nailed down the simplest and most profitable way to easily buy-to-sell on eBay! To give you an idea, often, I will buy product for about 1/4 of what I sell it for. So, literally, I will buy it in a "lot" on ebay for 1/4 of its value. I will reveal to you step by step how I go about this, so you also can make killer profit on eBay, using these buy-to-sell techniques!
    5. ONLINE ACCESS TO OUR WEBSITE: The ultimate sellers how-to website, which includes: complete eBook Business and dropship business w/ tutorial, how to buy name brand product for 75% off retail, tips and tricks gallore, complete howoto database covering a wide gammit of questions. 
    6. How to start selling on eBay & your website in as little as 48 HOURS. Yes, believe it or not, it is possible. I will tell you how to do this correctly, so you make good profit, as it is difficult to just figure out without doing research. And, this is just one of many methods to get going quickly.
    7. How to get killer sales on your auctions.
    8. Hundreds of free and cheap software tools, resources that I use! Tools to make your job easier AND even to automate many tasks!
    9. Effective strategies for selling on all auction websites: Your Website, Ebay, Amazon, Overstock, Craiglist, etc! I have sold on virtually all the top auction websites, probably around 8 of them total.
    10. AND many other online marketing tips: email advertising, Google Adwords and MORE!

  • Online Access to my Website Is Included

  • A Real Business, Not a Silly Get Rich Scheme

    • This is not a joke. I am seriously offering an automated business that will make you money 24/7.
    • The great thing is I am also offering coaching and support to help you with your online business. My coaching and support can give strategies and an edge over your competition!
    • Simply put, I have been selling online for years and years. Why spend years building and learning when I give you an automated business and coaching support to save you all that time and work? Also, you recieve all the great tools(100's of articles, dynamically updating product sources and more!) on our website.

  • Be Your Own Boss

    • Aren't you sick of that boss who is always hovering over you, watching your every move?
    • Wouldn't it be nice if you could call the shots and make money doing it?
    • And why not be home with the kids? Save yourself a TON by not sending them to daycare or getting a babysitter!
    • Seriously ask yourself this. I am telling you how to really get there on eBay. This is not some hyped up infomercial, as you see late at night on TV.
    • I will help you via personal phone call and email. Seriously, I helped my brother get sales going in a weeks time and he has already made very good profits. It isn't rocket science, but there are some basic principles you need to know to be successful and a few principles that I can teach you to maximize your profits, so you never cut yourself short.

  • A Real Success Story

    • First, I have just started selling this product. So, you would think I would have no big success stories, but that is not the case!
    • Geoff at BidPro Auctions suprised me the other day when read in his email that he produced $20,000 to $30,000 an average month, selling on eBay!
    • He used some of my strategies and made MORE money than I did.
    • How many others selling information on eBay selling can point to anyone who has made more money than themselves using their strategies?
    • This is proof that my coaching and strategies work, as I have already helped several people and have one of them who sold over $20,000 a month! You too can be there and I can help you get there! Why spend years learning what I already know when I can help you cut out all that work with a little coaching?

  • Question and Answer FAQ

    • Powerseller Coaching:

    • If I buy your auction, how long with you coach me? Is there a limit to your sales coaching?
      Essentially, you can call me or email me for as long as you subscribe to the coaching and support I am offering here. Basically, I coach you until your sales are doing well on your website and ebay or you just decide you have enough knowledge and profit margins from my training. I have already had people who I have coached for over one year, so you will definitely get your money's worth.

    • Do you hold any secrets back when coaching?
      Actually, no. I do not hold any information or details back while coaching you, as if I was doing my own business. The reason I can do this is because my company is focused on becoming a large dropshipper, so my business is your business (I am never your competitor). Most are astonished at the sales from some of the ebook and dropship items and the prices of the sources I show them. It took me about 3 years just to figure out many of just the basics I teach you. I can save you TONS of time and research just through my coaching.. Be ahead of the game and cut out 3 years of work on your website or Ebay using my coaching.

      Automated E-Book Business:

    • What is automated and how much work will I have to do?
      When a customer purchases one of the eBooks you are selling, it will automatically send the eBook to that customer upon receiving payment. Further, you can automate your email to cover most questions asked. So, essentially, you will only need to answer minimal email, while money is coming in 24/7.

    • What kind of ebooks are included?
      Basically, the 300+ ebooks you see in other packages, along with 1000+ you have not seen before. So, their package, plus 1000+ more ebooks, my advanced marketing methods, coaching support & bonus product sources. I would list them here, but as you can imagine, there are too many to list and I update regularly.

    • Why are you selling your ebook business?
      I am selling this business, because I am taking my business into a different direction, where my focus will be on serving you and others with dropship product and coaching. But, for those who do not have any established business online, the automated eBook and dropship business is an awesome way acheive real cash flow..

Get Your Automated eBook Business in the Next Few Moments

Why spend hours upon hours reinventing the wheel, when you can get a complete Ebook & Dropship Business AND receive coaching from one of the top online sellers?

This is your chance to take advantage of an opportunity that could increase your sales online greatly! Recoup your investment back within a short time period and then continually make money day in and day out thereafter. Your cost is a one time payment of $29.95 and a monthly coaching payment of $179.95 (which we will invoice you for, 3 days later).

If this sounds like it could help you generate the money you need and increase your business, start right now! Click the purchase link below and then proceed to checkout to order your ebook & dropship business today!

(Instructions for contacting me & website login are given after purchase!)

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