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  • Generally, for almost any physical product, there are about 4 good ways to get product to sell online:

    1. Our Dropship Program
    2. Salvage / Surplus / Overstock / Returns
    3. Import
    4. Buy on eBay, then Sell on eBay.
      Other than my own dropshipping program, I generally do not recommend dropshipping. As most of the companies out there are not profitable to use.. I created my program to actually work, by solving the problems most of these dropshippers create.. Simply put, most dropshippers are looking out for themselves and take advantage of new sellers. In my program, I solve the two main problems these dropshippers create..

      1. I only give you products that have been proven to make money.
      2. I give you pricing that will actually sell and will actually make you money..

      Very good profit margins for you, so you can rely on the products and sell them over and over, growing my business and yours..

      How to Manual for Dropship items:
      Ad Materials for listing the items on ebay or other auction websites:
      How it Works and an Example:
      Where you go to buy it from me after customer pays:

    Buy Then Sell on eBay:

      Wholesale Lots~

      Simply go to any main category on, such as "DVDs" and then find the subcategory "Wholesale Lots". In there, you will find product in lots of 50, 100, you name it..

      The trick is to not bid on the glamorous auctions at the top of the page, but the auction on the bottom that no one clicks on. Often, those are the real deals, where you can turn around and make a real profit selling each item individually..

      Believe it or not, there are items ending all the time that are low priced.. This works well and can be a very profitable way to do business on eBay.

    Salvage / Overstock / Returns:

      This is probably the best way to make REAL money on eBay. From what I have done with this and from what I can tell, most of those making solid income on eBay are buying their product in this manner..

      Basically, you can buy returns, overstocks, etc from chain stores like Sears, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. is a pretty good source for companies that offer such product..

      For instance, this is a solid company that offers such product:

      Just look at the above links and do some searching and I think you will see what I mean..

      You basically buy it for about 30 to 50 % of wholesale and can turn around and sell it for double on eBay.. The best is to buy "manifested" pallets of such product.. Manifested means it tells you what is actually on the pallet.. You can take that and do searches on eBay to see what it sells for..


      I have done this several times.. Generally, you spend about $5000 or so at a time and you can buy product from China.. This is also a very large way to make REAL profit on eBay and many of the larger companies end up going this route.. So, a lot of the bigger companies on eBay do this, but it does have more risk and requires more preparation than the Salvage method..

      Here is a great website for finding companies that sell this product:

    Affiliate Marketing/Subscriptions:

      Both of these methods can be very profitable if done correctly. With affiliate marketing, more money can be made on the side of the vendor who has affiliates marketing for them, but there are a good percentage of affiliate marketers of those products who can make a sizable amount of money. I would recommend or, of course, my own affiliate program.

      Subscriptions can be very rewarding as well, but most people are simply not willing to do some of the work up front to make the website to even offer subscriptions. Well, if you are good at making websites, you should definitely consider subscriptions for your quality content and perhaps hosting ads on the free side (Google Adsense, etc). I would say subscriptions are BY FAR more valuable than hosting ads on your website, because you have to have millions of pageviews a month if you are wanting to make hundreds a day through Adsense. I know, as I have about 8000 pageviews a day on one of my websites and I only make about $30 a day off of it. But, with subscriptions, you could make hundreds a day with those same pages.

      If you would like to know how to do create a subscription website, simply write me and I will help you get started.

    The Roadblocks Many Encounter When Selling Online

      1. Its really hard to find a decent supplier.
      2. And when you find one, they cost too much to make a profit.
      3. Or, you are required to buy 100+ items just to make a decent profit.
      4. Also, trying to avoid bad product when doing trial and error.

      The good news is I have done all this work for you. Matter of fact, I don't even mind giving you my suppliers' products right now, without payment. Why would I do that? Well, I make a little money on each item you sell and I know they are good items.

      So, if you are interested in having access to weekly product updates from my suppliers, just sign up for my newsletter below. Please also put in your phone number, if you would like for me to contact you and answer any questions you may have or explain how the dropship system works.

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